SfP Pointers

Since November 2015, Sing for Pleasure’s tutors and senior team members have been sharing ideas, tips and suggestions about various aspects of choral conducting and singing as a regular feature in our e-newsletters. The SfP Pointers series is designed to act as an aide-mémoire on certain subjects for those who have attended our training courses, and as a source of additional inspiration and advice on related topics.

All past Pointers are now available in one convenient location and can be downloaded below:

SfP Pointers #1 – Rehearsals
SfP Pointers #2 – Singing with Teenage Boys
SfP Pointers #3 – Rehearsals Part II
SfP Pointers #4 – Vocal Health and Preventing Voice Loss
SfP Pointers #5 – Programming and Sourcing Music
SfP Pointers #6 – Singing in the Classroom
SfP Pointers #7 – Christmas Concerts
SfP Pointers #8 – Orchestral Conducting
SfP Pointers #9 – Copyright for Musicians
SfP Pointers #10 – Corporate Choirs
SfP Pointers #11 – Concert Planning
SfP Pointers #12 – Promoting Your Choir on Social Media Part I
SfP Pointers #13 – Setting up a Community Choir
SfP Pointers #14 – Austro-Germanic Latin Pronunciation
SfP Pointers #15 – (NHS video) Pilates for Beginners, for increasing conductors’ physical strength and stamina
SfP Pointers #16 – Working with Early Years (aged 0-5)
SfP Pointers #17 – Promoting Your Choir on Social Media Part II
SfP Pointers #18 – Taking Your Choir to Church

Future issues in the series will appear a  few weeks after publication in our e-newsletters.