Summer Choral Courses

In 2014, we introduced a range of 3-day choral courses at our residential Summer School, held at Keele University in Staffordshire. These have proved immensely popular, and provide participants with the perfect opportunity to develop and improve their choral skills in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere.

These courses cater for all levels of ability, as follows:

Choral-1Community Choir
For singers who like to:
– Learn choral music mainly by ear
– Use music occasionally
– Sing pieces in a familiar style
– Sing unison songs, and songs in two and three parts

This course will suit those new to choral singing, or returning after a break.


For singers who like to:
– Sing from music, and develop their notation reading skills
– Sing a larger choral work
– Sing in three or more parts

Appropriate for individuals who already sing in a choir, and have some experience with reading music.



For singers who like to:
– Learn new music quickly, and use their reading skills to master new music
– Work intensively on a concert programme
– Sing contemporary, classical choral music, in different languages
– Sing in four or more parts, including singing one or two voices per part

Ideal for experienced or trained singers who prefer challenging repertoire in a smaller group.

Online booking for our choral courses at Summer School each year usually opens in late spring/early summer, and further details will be available to download via the main Summer School event listing; please check our Current Listings page regularly or sign up to our e-newsletter for updates.