Musicianship for Singers: Intermediate 2

Course Content and Repertoire

Musicianship for Singers at Intermediate 2 level introduces choral classics and draws on a wider range of musical styles. Singers should be confident and fluent sight readers of music at Intermediate 1 level before starting this course.


Singers will:

  • apply their knowledge of rhythm reading to understand rhythmic feel in a variety of musical styles
  • investigate how to sight read syncopation, swung rhythms and triplets
  • read pitch notation in diatonic melodies in major and minor keys which modulate step by step around the cycle of fifths
  • sing intervals, scale and triad patterns built on chords I, II, IV, V, V7 and VI in four part (SATB) open and short scores, reading vertically across parts to identify harmonies.


At Intermediate 2, singers will sight sing arrangements and part songs from SfP’s songbooks Jean Harlow and Simi Jadech and accessible choral favourites such as Vivaldi Gloria and Fauré Requiem.