Intermediate 1 Course: Aims, Delivery and Repertoire

Conductors and vocal leaders with some experience of conducting and vocal leadership will benefit from this course. It builds on the skills developed at Foundation level and uses more challenging repertoire to stretch participants further.


By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • prepare the music and their gesture thoroughly
  • sing the various voice-parts accurately and confidently to enable them to be learnt quickly and efficiently
  • teach the music quickly and effectively
  • use a range of simple, clear and economical conducting gestures
  • demonstrate a sense of musicianship consistent with the style of the repertoire conducted
  • maintain an effective pace during rehearsal, whilst creating a good rapport with their singers
  • analyse their own achievements, and the work of others, in a constructive way


The course is delivered in two ways – technique sessions include practical demonstrations of all the key aspects of conducting and the workshop sessions that follow give participants an enviable amount of podium time to put into practice what they have learnt. This is achieved within a relaxed and supportive learning environment.


At Intermediate 1 level, the starting point for repertoire takes the form of more challenging rounds than those used at Foundation level, before moving on to more complex part songs.  It provides an excellent preparation for the demands of the Intermediate 2 Course.