Conductor Training

We organise Summer School, weekend and day courses for conductors and vocal leaders which offer graded training in conducting techniques for students of different abilities. We place emphasis on effective song teaching and efficient rehearsing through the development of expressive and economic conducting gestures. Participants frequently praise the excellent quality of teaching and the variety of the SfP repertoire.


Training structure

Foundation: For those with little or no conducting experience, those with basic music reading skills, or those who are attending their first SfP conducting course. We recommend that first-time attendees complete this course, to familiarise themselves with the basics of our approach.
Learn more about Foundation Course aims, delivery and repertoire.

Intermediate 1: This level is appropriate for students who have some prior conducting experience, or have previously attended a SfP conducting course.
Learn more about Intermediate 1 Course aims, delivery and repertoire.

Intermediate 2: Intermediate 2 level students will normally have attended the Intermediate 1 conducting course and will have wider conducting experience.
Learn more about Intermediate 2 Course aims, delivery and repertoire.

Advanced: The Advanced Course enables participants to significantly develop their skills in a wide range of choral situations.
Learn more about Advanced Course aims, delivery and repertoire.

Students at Advanced and, occasionally, Intermediate 2 level also have the opportunity to take our Orchestral Conducting Course which is usually offered at our Bolton Weekend training event in the Autumn. This course is designed to develop the specialist skills needed in combined choral/orchestral performances.


One-to-one tuition

In addition to the various courses and other events, SfP offers one-to-one tuition and coaching for those who would like a more personalised approach. Typically, such a lesson entails the learner bringing with them a video recording of a recent rehearsal they have directed with their own choir. This enables them to reflect on their existing skills and work with the tutor to develop them further. Please email us to make an enquiry.