Agile Learning

Organisations of all hues have discovered that encouraging agile learning amongst their teams is an incredibly valuable tool for personal development and motivation, allowing people to turn “I can’t” and “I don’t” – and occasionally, “I won’t” – to “I can”, “I do” and “I will”.

Sing for Pleasure has a proven track record in supporting these development needs, and is able to offer its expertise to companies in most locations across the UK.

Team members participating in our singing workshops enjoy a massive boost in confidence, breaking down self-perceived barriers to their own creativity; they also benefit from other, well-documented positive effects of singing, including:

  • a sense of teamwork, with group members collaborating to produce a great collective sound
  • lower stress levels and increased feelings of well-being, through the release of endorphins and oxytocin

Follow this video link to see what happens when a group of Partners from John Lewis met our CEO, Manvinder Rattan, accompanied by our Financial Controller, Mark Jordan.

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