Current Listings

SfP KnowledgeHub Webinars, Series 3: 8 July to 5 August 2020

Now booking: our third series of lively, interactive SfP KnowledgeHub webinars, featuring useful tips and suggestions on numerous choral topics. This series of five sessions begins on 8 July, and runs weekly until 5 August.

SfP KnowledgeHub: Virtual Choral Conference 2020

Inspired by the incredible popularity of the SfP KnowledgeHub webinar series we’ve run since April, we’re delighted to be able to offer you some great online training and learning during these unusual times, in place of our usual Summer School. Join us for our special Virtual Choral Conference from the comfort of your own home; a unique programme of activity for choral enthusiasts of every kind!

Virtual Choral Conference 2020: Conductor's Toolkit Short Courses

For more experienced conductors who can’t commit to our full Conductor’s Toolkit course during the conference, we’re now offering three short courses comprised of practical, interactive online workshops – each focusing on a different subject area.