Musicianship for Singers: Intermediate 1

Course Content and Repertoire

Musicianship for Singers at Intermediate 1 level gives an introduction to reading SATB, four part scores. Singers should feel confident sight reading music at Foundation level before starting an Intermediate 1 course.


Singers will:

  • sing and sight read more complex rhythms including dotted notes and tied notes, in simple and compound time signatures (typically 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 2/2, 3/2, 6/8 and 9/8) within tempo instructions including rit, accel, and pauses
  • read pitch notation in diatonic melodies in major and minor keys that do not modulate but have occasional accidentals in treble and bass clef
  • learn to recognise and sing intervals, scale and triad patterns in choral music in three and four parts
  • learn about cadences by reading vertically across parts


On the Intermediate 1 course singers will sight sing approachable three and four part songs such as those in SfP’s songbooks Camptown Races, Down in the River, Novello Basics and Voiceworks.